• Up early, to work. Glad to see the reduction in bus service didn’t create the Mad Max-esque landscape that was predicted.
  • Looks like I’m closing in on the audio driver performance issue. Have turned my attention fully to the DMA subsystem. Armed with some suggestions from the vendor I should have this thing nailed very soon.
  • Tasty sushi lunch at the Original Fish Market. Hadn’t been there before, but will definitely be going back.
  • Came home and actually sat down to listen to the Pens game for the first time in months. Sad that they had to lose to the Flyers but still amazed thankful at how well they’re doing despite Crosby and Malkin being gone and most of the team banged up like crazy. My chin is preparing for an epic playoff beard.

CC BY 4.0 29 March 2011 by ssweeny.net is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.