• Rode my bike to work; first cycling commute of the season. Perfect riding weather. Almost didn’t get tired or sweaty on the way in.
  • Lunch at DiBella’s (again). We are showing signs of addiction.
  • Very little progress made on the audio driver on my end. Starting to run out of things to tweak in my code. I’m reluctant to further the stereotype and blame the hardware but I need to double-check some possible hardware timing issues.
  • Office network ate itself toward the end of the day, making communication with the vendor impossible. Perhaps they found something.
  • Bike ride home went about as smoothly as can be expected for one so out of shape as myself. One disadvantage of living in Pittsburgh is that every hill you fly down on the way to work is one you must climb again on the way home. I think I heard my leg muscles crying.
  • Wrote two checks this evening. One was the final payoff amount for my car. The other was to my uncle’s church to buy Easter lilies in honor of his winning battle with leukemia.

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