• Up late again. Going to bed late did not help.
  • Investigating more interesting problems with my current project. Good to feel like I’m getting ramped up and contributing.
  • Walked to the Squirrel Hill business district with Emily to get dinner. We ended up at Sababa Middle Eastern Grill, which we had been meaning to try for some time. We had grape leaves as a starter. Emily’s main course was the Sababa Salad, which she said she enjoyed. Mine was the schwarma, which was delicious. It came with an interesting curry sauce and majadra, which is a mix of rice and lentils. Yum.
  • After walking around a bit and checking out some of the shops we grabbed some iced tea at Té Café and made our way to Frankie and Georgie’s (formerly P.D.’s Pub) to see Chet Vincent and the Big Bend. It turned into a bit of a West Allegheny reunion with several tables full of people from my alma mater (it helps that two members of the band went to West A). The set was awesome but it ran until almost 2AM, and by the time we finished our post-set BSing it was nearly 2:30.
  • Home for a bit of a pass out.

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