• Up early; last day at Timesys. Hopped on the bus one last time.
  • Bought bagels for the office as an explicit bribe that they might remember me fondly. I hope it worked.
  • Due to inclement weather we ordered in from Chinatown Inn for my going-away lunch. Delicious food and interesting conversation. My (now former) boss told me to go screw myself. Good times.
  • Cleaned up my workstation and tarred up my various configuration files (git, vim, bash, etc.). I think the intern is inheriting both my computer and my seat.
  • Happy hour at the Sharp Edge Bistro with Justin, Andy, Ian, Tony, and Ed (a.k.a. Former Boss). More good times as I said my farewells.
  • Home for a quick dinner with Emily then lots of packing.

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