• Up early. Went to see Emily play at church.
  • Killed some more weeds in the back yard. I’m not proud of it but it had to be done.
  • Emily and I rode our bikes downtown to see Buckwheat Zydeco play at the Arts Festival. Love the free bike valet from Bike Pittsburgh.
  • Mr. Zydeco’s show was energetic and had people dancing in the park. He made many references to being brought up on the bayou and even lapsed into Creole/French occasionally. Loved his set, but was disappointed not to hear “When the Levee Breaks”. I know it’s a cover but it was the song that first introduced me to his music.
  • After consuming greasy fair fries and funnel cake we rode back home. Greenfield Avenue is quite a challenge now that I don’t ride up it every day. One of the few drawbacks of my new job.

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