• Up and ready to work;
  • Checked out the WYEP Summer Music Festival at Schenley Plaza. Simona and Russell brought some delicious homemade pizza and sandwiches and we got caught up while the music played in the background. We checked out the homemade crafts market where I picked up some cufflinks made from old mechanical watch parts. Now I’ll have something to rotate out my LEGO cufflinks with.
  • Next up was Brillobox in Lawrenceville where my good friend Andy’s band Chet Vincent and the Big Bend had their CD release party. The music was great and we got a free copy of the CD (with the cover charge…) but after about four hours of standing (not including the earlier concert!) I was ready for bed. I believe I may be getting old.

CC BY 4.0 24 June 2011 by ssweeny.net is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.