• Up late. Emily made bacon and eggs for breakfast. There was apparently some mishap with the bacon, as I found some outside on the deck later today. It was black.
  • Bombardier company picnic at Kennywood. Wonderful time even if it was a bit warm for my taste. Got a free lunch and didn’t win any door prizes. Rode the Old Railroad, Phantom’s Revenge, Noah’s Ark, Sky Rocket and of course, the Thunderbolt. The Sky Rocket was pretty cool. Reminds me of a smaller version of the old Steel Phantom, with a loop and a corkscrew and a similar aesthetic. It doesn’t go as fast, however, and the restraints are not nearly as annoying. Ran into my cousin Elizabeth as we were leaving. She was there with her friends. Tried not to embarrass her.
  • Stopped at the Waterfront to catch Super 8. Really enjoyed it. The movie itself plays like an old Super 8 flick only with a budget and competent direction (which, I suppose, is the antithesis of those movies), and the kids’ finished film during the credits killed me. Killed me.

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