• Up early; to work.
  • After work Emily and I biked to North Oakland for dinner. Emily had a Groupon for Tandoor Indian Grill on Centre Avenue, but we arrived to find the door padlocked (turns out they’ve closed up). Drat.
  • Luckily right around the corner was another Indian place we’ve been meaning to try. Tamarind Flavor of India is the first floor of an old house which has been converted into a restaurant. The place was clean and well-decorated and the staff was very friendly. We split some garlic naan and chicken tikka masala, both of which were excellent. The tikka masala was spicy but not too hot, and it went well with my mango lassi. We finished off the meal with some gulab jamun which is one of my favorite desserts.
  • The bike ride home was slightly more challenging both in that it was mostly uphill and that we were full of Indian food. Really needed a shower when we got home. Totally worth it though.

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