Caribe RoyaleI started Thursday out at a session discussing automated cross-building of packages for ARM. The current problem is that the only way to know if a package will cross-compile successfully is to set up an environment and try to build it. The discussion revolved around setting up build machines that will automatically do this and log the results. (blueprint, notes)

Next was the makeup session discussing the relationship between Linaro and Ubuntu. Since Ubuntu’s ARM support comes from Linaro it’s important that the two projects maintain some sort of synchronization even if their main release cycles differ quite a bit. There was some discussion about how the two projects can maintain solid communication and some talk about how to get fixes, etc. synchronized between them. (blueprint, notes)

After lunch was a plenary with a few interesting talks. The first was about how OpenStack integrates with Launchpad and how they use continuous integration. The second was an introduction to the Ubuntu Friendly project, and the third was about how UEFI Secure Boot affects Ubuntu.

Next session was a tech preview for the Wayland compositor, which will supposedly replace the X server sometime in the future. The “preview” consisted of a hilariously short, very crashy demo of the software, which is to be expected in a “tech preview” since the “tech” doesn’t quite exist yet. I think that Wayland will be very useful in some cases, as in portable or other low-power devices where X is overkill, but I’m not sure that it will end up replacing X across the board.

After that I went to a session discussing GNOME session saving for power users. There are some users who would like to have the desktop remember the running programs and their window layouts between logins. The team came up with a list of pitfalls and pain points with this feature as it exists now and they will be working this cycle to resolve them. (blueprint, notes)

Due to some scheduling errors, the last session of the day that I wanted to attend was on power management from a whole-system perspective. The session had actually happened earlier in the week but was left on the schedule for reasons unknown. Since I had some time to kill I helped new recruit Matt debug a video driver problem.

In the evening a few of us caught a shuttle to Pointe Orlando for dinner. We settled on Maggiano’s where we ate family style. Four courses involving chicken, pork, and salmon with crème brûlée and tiramisu for dessert. Quite tasty.

After dinner it was back to the hotel and a (relatively) early night.

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