• Up late. Missed the bus. Had to catch a 61. Hence, late to work.
  • Made decent progress on the audio driver. Added support for a buffered FIFO and now just have to tweak it for performance.
  • Ducked out a little early to pop up to Sarver and the Evolution Grille for a five-course dinner paired with beers from my friends at Milkman Brewing. The dinner and the beer were both wonderful and well worth the 45 minute drive. For posterity’s sake (and to make some of you jealous) here are the courses we enjoyed:
    1. Soft pretzel made in-house along with an Imperial Irish Ale cheese, served with the Imperial Irish Ale
    2. Pear salad with goat cheese, walnuts, and raspberry ginger balsamic vinaigrette served with Honey Pear Ponyo Wheat
    3. Jameson Lamb Stew with a puffed pastry shamrock served with Mean Ass Hank Irish Whiskey Barrel IPA (this might have been my favorite) (also I’ve met hank and he’s a sweetheart of a pit bull)
    4. Veal cutlets dusted with cardamom and served in an orange glaze over jasmine rice and brussels sprouts; served with Kolkata Kolsh
    5. For dessert, Stout ice cream (made by Milkman) with almond biscotti served with Hello World Oatmeal Stout (their first beer in case you hadn’t guessed)
  • I am going to the gym so hard tomorrow.