• Up late.
  • Lunch with Emily and her parents at Pho Van in the Strip. Great pho to be had there. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food, including Emily’s parents who’d never had Vietnamese food before.
  • Walked down to the Heinz History Center to do some learning. Despite living in or around Pittsburgh my whole life I’d never been there before. There are some great exhibits, including an old streetcar, a whole floor dedicated to George Washington in the French and Indian War (he passed through here once or twice), and another floor exhibiting the habits of the different orders of nuns that have established themselves in the area as well as listing their various accomplishments.
  • Having walked off the pho we met up with my parents at Penn Brewery for some good beer and carb-laden German food. I had the Polish Hill Plate, consisting of kielbasa, pierogi, onions, and sauerkraut. Much to my amazement, my father tried a Penn Gold and liked it. There’s hope for him yet.
  • On the way home we drove past the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, which has in front of it a T-Rex dressed as Batman.
Batman Dinosaur in Pittsburgh - Dino Bat
Batman Dinosaur in Pittsburgh - Dino Bat by anirudhkoul on Flickr