The Perils of Disposable Income

One of the problems with having a bit of disposable income is that occasionally you will head to a Gallery Crawl, peruse some of the vendor stalls, and end up coming home with one of these:

Coffee Can Robot

Isn’t he the cutest junk sculpture you’ve ever seen?

This baby was made by Don L. Jones, whose work has been seen quite a bit around Pittsburgh lately. I remember seeing his Recycling Bots at the Three Rivers Arts Festival this year and thinking I wanted to bring one home. This time he had a little stall up at one of the pop-up markets at the Gallery Crawl and I decided to make my dream a reality (after getting clearance from my very understanding wife).

A couple of our friends also came away with a robot that was a bit squatter made from a single tea tin and some similar candlestick parts and we had a grand old time walking to the bar as a big group with two little robots in tow.

The big question now is, what do we name it? We welcome any suggestions.

On Dreams and Dietary Mishaps

Last night I had a dream in which I was waiting in line to get into a club when I saw Bill Pullman being attacked by a vampire. I immediately sprang to his rescue, but when I killed the vampire Mr. Pullman became my friend Ted, who was sad that I’d killed a vampire he was rather fond of.

Next thing I knew I was at an open grave where MacGyver’s (not Richard Dean Anderson’s) frozen corpse had been split in half, with the bottom half missing. As the corpse began to thaw his gore spilled out and formed new skeletal legs. Then he got up and started walking toward me and I could tell that the look he was going for was that his whole body apart from his head was a skeleton, but it just looked like a really bad prosthetic (I could see his real arms behind the skeletal ones, etc.)

So my question to you, gentle reader, is what the hell did I eat last night?

Le Beehive

Really sad about what The Beehive has become. What was once a refuge from the drunken hordes on Carson where you could have a quiet drink and maybe play a board game has become just another place for cheap shots and loud music.

As I (gracefully) exit my 20s I find fewer and fewer reasons to go to the South Side after dark.

Stand Up Say Yeah!

I’ve been working my new job for about seven months now, and going from biking five miles and/or walking several every day to barely leaving the house has started taking its toll. Plus, I’ve been reading articles left and right about how sitting for eight hours a day will kill you. In other words, as good as this has been to me:

It was time for a standing desk!

I was looking for something that would let me work standing up, but not lose all the storage of a traditional desk. After trolling the web a bit looking for ideas, I found a promising design where else but at

The Expedit standing desk looked to be exactly what I needed, so Emily and I headed off to IKEA to pick up the parts:

I went with the brown-black color rather than the “birch” and used the legs rather than laying the top shelf on some blocks of wood.

After an epic struggle to fit all of this stuff in Emily’s Honda Civic (in the rain!) we got it all home with only mild discomfort (I had to lean so far forward that the steering wheel knows what I had for lunch).

After gathering all the parts in the living room it was time to start building.

After two nights of assembling furniture and a quick trip to Lowe’s for some brackets to hold the whole mess together I ended up with a pretty sweet setup:

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and after adding some anti-fatigue mats from Costco I’m officially in love with working upright.