Knowing full well that writing is one of my many shortcomings while at the same time one of the skills a great programmer should posses I’ve decided to start a little exercise to make myself write at least a little every day. The inspiration for this exercise comes from Michael Meeks and his daily bullet-point summaries.

  • Awakened around 5:00 AM by a loud, booming thunderstorm. While I am a big fan of thunderstorms I would appreciate it if from now on Mother Nature was more respectful of my sleep schedule.
  • Bus stop wait was lovely. Humid but warm. Arrived at work, broke my fast with a stale bagel and some coffee. Plowed through email.
  • Received info from a customer about a possible cause of a bug in the driver I wrote for them. This was immensely helpful in (finally) fixing this bug. Sent a patch.
  • Lunch at Chinatown Inn. Delicious and speedy as always.
  • Began packaging work for another customer. This looks simple, which means it probably isn’t.
  • Received word that the patch mentioned earlier did not work as well on the customer’s board as mine (supposedly they are identical). This is one for tomorrow.
  • Home then to the gym.
  • Home again, sore, and practiced for my guitar lesson tomorrow. Still haven’t gotten over the whole “do homework only the night before it’s due” thing. At this point I feel it’s a hopeless cause.

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