• Up late. Because it’s the weekend.
  • My parents bought us patio furniture as a joint early birthday present.
  • As thanks we took them out to dinner at Blue Dust. Dad reminisced about when that place was a “shot and a beer joint” sitting conveniently at the entrance to the Homestead Works steel mill.
  • Took Emily out to see The Adjustment Bureau. Good movie with an interesting premise, but it seemed too short to me.
  • Finally managed to get Linux Mint Debian Edition running on my laptop. The secret was apparently using the usually dormant Windows (gasp!) partition on Emily’s computer to run some SanDisk software to remove the weird read-only partition on my flash drive. LMDE definitely boots faster than the traditional Ubuntu-based versions. I’ll have to play around with it a bit more before I can say for sure which I prefer.

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