• Up early, hopped on a 61 to make a quick detour at Pitt.
  • Tried once again to get information about the Order of the Engineer ceremony. Was given a name but the person in question was conveniently not in the office at the time. Sent an email, no response yet.
  • Made little progress with the audio driver. I’m getting the feeling that I am too reluctant to ignore documentation when it doesn’t match reality. Tomorrow my plan is to print out said documentation then proceed to burn it and ignore it.
  • Dinner at Elbow Room in Shadyside with the Foodburgh Meetup. Had a pretty good turkey burger with onions soaked in hefeweizen along with some sweet potato fries and washed it all down with Flying Dog Garde Dog.
  • Walked with Emily over to Oh Yeah! for some ice cream, then headed home.

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