• Up early; biked to work. Starting to get the hang of it again.
  • Long phone call with customer and vendor about possible audio issue causes/solutions. Customer’s equipment can’t find any sign of the control line noise. Agreed that vendor would send some folks to customer’s office as they are quite close and have more specialized equipment.
  • Biked to Nicky’s Thai Kitchen in the North Side for lunch. Some really great Thai food that’s just far enough from the office that we can only justify going there when we have bikes.
  • Finished up a long-neglected project testing kernel patches provided by a contractor. Patches checked out so I pushed them into the development tree for our product.
  • Biked home. Greenfield Avenue still sucks.

CC BY 4.0 14 April 2011 by ssweeny.net is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.