• Up surprisingly early. Headed to the bus stop a full 20 minutes early, only to remember that the bus I wanted to catch was nixed in the last transit cuts. Waited an extra 20 minutes.
  • More phone calls with vendor and customer regarding audio work. Added some instrumentation that should make control line noise more visible in a scope or logic analyzer. Managed to work on some of my project backlog while waiting for test results (still pending).
  • Picked up my bike on the way home from work. Rides pretty nicely now with new chain and brake pads.
  • Emily made a great stir-fry dinner then we took a long bike ride around town. We stopped by the rotting corpse of the Eastside Borders where Emily spotted more than her fair share of zombie- and monster-related books (including Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters!). Picked those up at a steep discount, then ran over to Oh Yeah! ice cream for a quick dessert.

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