As I’m sure many of my very few readers will have heard by now, I’ve made an exciting career move. As of this past Wednesday I am no longer working at Timesys. Starting Monday May 9 I will be an employee of Canonical Ltd., otherwise known as the corporate backer of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. I will be joining the OEM Services team, which helps customize Ubuntu for new hardware, such as tablets and laptops. I’m also very excited to say that my first day will be at UDS in Budapest, Hungary.

I can’t begin to describe how much I’ve enjoyed working with my friends and colleagues at Timesys. I learned more in my three and a half years there than in all my years of schooling. Each member of the engineering team — from the coders to the manager — is a rock star at what he does, which was a little intimidating when I started. But they all helped me find my place on the team, and each helped me to become a better programmer and engineer.

I will be working from Canonical’s Pittsburgh headquarters (a.k.a. my house). I will miss commuting to downtown every day, and seeing these folks who have become my friends. I will also miss the wonderful lunch options that Downtown Pittsburgh has to offer (though I suspect my waistline won’t). I will be sure to visit Timesys from time to time to drink their beer, and I will even consider the CEO’s offer to let me rent my old cube. šŸ˜‰

In the meantime I want to wish everyone at Timesys the best of luck, and hope that they show enough respect to at least wait until Monday to raid my desk.

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  1. Congratulations on the new job!
    Working on Ubuntu sounds like a nice job. Have fun in Budapest.

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