• Up early. Happy World IPv6 Day!
  • Found out that I may not have Broken The Build™ but just uncovered an existing bug in the build. Will know more tomorrow.
  • More research. Learning how to write browser extensions.
  • Bought some new toys, which I’ll claim are for work. One of these, one of these, oh, and one of these!
  • Grilled up some steak for dinner, while Emily made mashed potatoes. Starting to get the hang of grilling, though I think I left the steaks on a bit too long this time.
  • Fermenter is still bubbling, but it seems to be slowing down.
  • Watched Brazil, the “Love Conquers All” cut, from Netflix. Now I want to go back and see the original cut to find out what the studio messed with.

CC BY 4.0 8 June 2011 (World IPv6 Day) by ssweeny.net is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.