WORLD IPV6 DAY is 8 June 2011 – The Future is Forever

As a programmer and professional nerd it’s tough for me not to get excited about new technologies. Or about old technologies whose time in the spotlight has finally come.

IPv6 was created in 1998 as a solution to the impending exhaustion of addresses from the dominant network technology (IPv4). Unfortunately adoption has been slow, since as we saw with the Y2K problem nobody in technology wants to fix or update anything until the absolute last minute. Fortunately, that last minute is upon us so more efforts are going into deploying IPv6.

Part of that effort is World IPv6 Day, during which many organizations like Google, Yahoo! and even Sesame Street are serving up their content via IPv6 for 24 hours as both a “test flight” and as motivation to make sure that the full transition (whenever that will be) goes smoothly.

Last week the fine folks at Linode who host this site were kind enough to enable native IPv6 for me, so this site is ready for today and for the future.


CC BY 4.0 Happy World IPv6 Day! by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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