• Up early; one last free breakfast before checking out.
  • Returned our rental car and passed through the cutest little security gate at the cutest little airport for our flight back.
  • Passed through Phoenix again, mostly without incident. Our layover was quite short, however, and we had to resort to dinner at the airport Burger King, which we actually had to eat on the plane.
  • Got to about halfway through A Clash of Kings on the flight, but got a bit tired of reading by the third hour. I switched on my phone (in airplane mode, of course!) and fired up ScummVM and played The Secret of Monkey Island (one of my favorite PC games as a kid, which now and then I think about how crazy it is that I can play it on my phone) for the last 40 minutes or so of the flight.
  • We collected our bags and headed home, ready to deal with a messed up sleep schedule for the next few days.

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