• Up early; short walk and a bagel before work.
  • After work I made spaghetti with ground turkey sauce for dinner. Not bad, if I do say so myself.
  • Finally watched Citizen Kane from Netflix. I say “finally” both because I had until tonight lived over 28 years without having seen it, and because it’s been sitting on my mantle for three or so weeks. I think it would be tough after 70 years to come up with anything original or profound to say about this movie, so I’ll just say that I enjoyed it and that it belongs on all of those “Best Movies Ever” lists that constantly place it at or near the top.
  • Started testing bip out as a replacement for my long-time SSH+screen+irssi always-on IRC solution. I’ve been using XChat with the irssi proxy module since I joined Canonical because with IRC being the primary means of communication with my coworkers I wanted to have desktop notifications to make sure I knew when someone wanted my attention. However irssi’s proxy module doesn’t provide a backlog of messages received while you aren’t connected so I would end up connecting to my screen (actually byobu) session to read the old messages anyway. Now I can just connect with whatever client I wish and I have both my missed messages and fancypants notifications with a single step.

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