• Up early. Got to hear my sister’s theories on the Casey Anthony trial, which I’d known about since about five minutes earlier when I saw it on TV.
  • Eventually Philip got up (he works nights) and we took off for Annapolis for some kayaking. We cruised around the marina dodging yachts and even poking out a bit into the Chesapeake Bay before turning in our boats and walking into downtown for a late lunch.
  • After lunch we walked around for another hour or two checking out the cheesy souvenir shops and the Naval Academy.
  • We headed back to my sister’s house to meet up with my father, who was in town to watch the U.S. Open with my uncle Jason. When he arrived we went out to a local crab shack to chow down on some crab cakes and beer. I tried two beers I’d never heard of, Landshark Lager (made by Margaritaville Brewing Co.) which was actually pretty decent and National Bohemian (made by Pabst, and is very much worthy of the brand).
  • Then it was time to head back to my sister’s house, where we watched way too much of a show called “Parking Wars” and went to bed.

I think we're gonna join up.