• Up somewhat early. To church. Interesting sermon on Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Brunch at Double Wide Grill. Waitress was new and didn’t quite get my order (barbecue burger with a portabella cap instead of beef) right, but I didn’t communicate it clearly enough and failed to clarify when an opening came up. Ended up with a beef patty plus a portabella cap. Still tasty.
  • Ventured down into the back yard and hosed down the jungle of poison ivy that covers it with Round-up. This was not our first choice for a solution but the problem has become so bad that we felt we had few options. I take full responsibility and will turn in my liberal card at the next meeting.
  • Greg came over and the three of us headed to the new Mad Mex location in Shadyside. The Thai curry burrito is still top-notch. Also tried some Atwater Vanilla Java Imperial Stout. Much like the similarly flavored porter the stout was smooth and went down easy for an imperial, but also like the porter the vanilla flavor was really strong from the draft. Maybe a bottled version would be more balanced.
  • Ted joined us back home, originally to play “Last Night on Earth”. However, since none of us actually remembered how to play we ended up going with “Settlers of Catan” instead. We got through two games, the second of which was a monster.

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