• Up early again; last day of the sprint.
  • Having accomplished most of our goals, and the customers needing to catch a plane we bade them goodbye. It was a very productive sprint and the rest of the project will likely go much smoother for it.
  • With the evening to myself I decided to set out to finally find a book store. Google Maps, having failed me twice before actually came through for me. There is a Barnes and Noble about 2.4 miles from the hotel. Having been on the Sprint Diet™ (mostly pizza, sandwiches, and Fritos) all week I felt I had a duty to my body to walk there. Even at night it was 85°F with over 90% humidity so it was a challenge. Drenched in sweat and having skirted a few jaywalking ordinances I finally made it and collected my prize: a copy of A Clash of Kings, the sequel to A Game of Thrones, which I finished reading a few weeks ago.
  • Armed with something to read on the plane ride back I set off back to the hotel to take a cold shower and go to sleep.

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