• Up early; drank coffee; made weird faces at friend’s toddler.
  • Long drive home. Read some more of A Clash of Kings while Emily drove. Emily napped while I drove. Always happy to see the “Welcome to Pennsylvania” sign, but less happy to see the ever-increasing amount we have to pay just to reenter our home state ($4.30? What The Frick Park?)
  • Excited to see that while I was away the good yinzers behind rstat.us got the site up and running again with full OStatus support. I’ve had my eye on them for a while both because I believe that the more open-source interoperable social networking sites we have the better and because I like to see awesome nerdy stuff come out of Pittsburgh.

There is a tradition on Twitter called “Follow Fridays” in which folks list a few interesting people they follow on Fridays to help spread the word about people who are worth listening to.

Evan Prodromou, the founder and CEO of Status.net has built upon that tradition to create what he calls Federated Friday. Thanks to a bunch of protocols that allow websites to communicate with each other (slickly named the “Federated Social Web“) users of the Status.net service (including identi.ca) can follow the updates of users on a variety of social networking sites, including Google Buzz and Tumblr. Evan uses Federated Fridays to promote the Federated Social Web initiative as well as to bring attention to folks he thinks are worth following.

In the spirit of furthering open web standards and because I think it’s a really neat idea I’m going to jump on the Federated Friday bandwagon and share some of my more interesting FSW subscriptions. Here they are, in no particular order: