Ubuntu 14.10

I’m at a sprint in Washington, DC with my fellow Canonicalers gearing up for the commercial release of our phone OS (more on that later) but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the desktop and cloud.

Yesterday was another Ubuntu release day! We released Ubuntu 14.10, codenamed the Utopic Unicorn. Look for lots of subtle improvements to the desktop as we prepare some big things to come soon.

As usual, you can take a tour or go straight to the download page.

And while we’re at it, here’s to another 10 years of Ubuntu!

Avoid the pain of Windows 8I want to congratulate my friends and colleagues at Canonical and in the Ubuntu community on another great release. 12.04 was a tough act to follow but the spit and polish they put into 12.10 is really showing.

Don’t just take my word for it, grab it and try for yourself!

I’ve already got one patch in line for the next Ubuntu release, 13.04 (codename Raring Ringtail) and I hope it’s just the first of many. Let’s do this thing.

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric OcelotCongratulations to the Ubuntu team on a great release!

This is my first release as a Canonical employee, and while I didn’t directly work on Ubuntu this cycle it was great to see from the inside how excited and proud everyone is about what they’re creating and what they’ve accomplished. On to Precise Pangolin!

P.S. Go get it!

P.P.S. Take the interactive tour!

  • Up early; time for work.
  • Emily made baked pasta with summer vegetables for dinner. I’m going to nom the hell out of those leftovers. Very tasty.
  • We took a walk to Rita’s on Forbes for some of their custard and Italian ice. It’s a bit cooler out than it’s been so the walk was mostly pleasant but the frozen treats really hit the spot.
  • When we got home I decided that I don’t have enough challenges at work so I’ve upgraded my work laptop to the development version of Ubuntu, which isn’t due to be released in October. The upgrade went well, and there’s lots of nice new bling in this version. Most of it even works! It’s nice to be keeping up with Ubuntu development again (my work is mostly with released versions).

  • Up early; to work.
  • Driver work continues, but no real progress made. Vendor people are working in parallel, so with luck one of us will find the answer soon.
  • Excited about the Gnome 3 release. Been using it at home for a while from the Ubuntu PPA. I’m told the experience is better on other distributions but I have it working well enough for now. I’ll probably check it out on my laptop when it hits Debian Unstable.
  • Home to play some more Mass Effect 2. It’s becoming an addiction already. I hope that the weather gets nice enough soon to draw me away.

  • Up relatively early, to church. Music (and most of the sermony stuff) today was provided by Jim Scott, a prominent Unitarian singer/songwriter, as part of a promotion for the Unitarian musical he’s written (not making this up).
  • Home to change into dingier clothes then off to Wings, Suds & Spuds with Emily, Greg, and Jaos. Much was discussed and many wings were eaten.
  • Visited my parents. Performed requisite tech support (brought their computer up to Ubuntu 10.04 and fixed their printer) while watching most of the Indiana Jones movies on USA.
  • Remembered that one of the few things I miss about cable is turning the TV on to find a random awesome movie marathon. Also this is one of the reasons I got rid of cable. I get so much more done nowadays.
  • Returned home and putzed around on the computer. But at least the TV was off.

  • Woke up feeling much better. Actually made it to work.
  • Caught up on email. I’m on far too many mailing lists at work.
  • Driver issue continues to elude me. Could be a problem of DMA interaction. That means another 75-page PDF to read tomorrow.
  • Skipped the gym due to residual stomach issues, but walked half a mile to get Chinese food with my wife. I’m not sure if the math works out but I’ll take it.
  • As is my custom at Alpha 3 I upgraded my desktop at home to Ubuntu Natty (and installed gnome-shell from the Gnome 3 PPA to be fair).
  • Watched The Big Bang Theory with Emily while coding on a hobby project that will likely never see the light of day.