• Up relatively early, to church. Music (and most of the sermony stuff) today was provided by Jim Scott, a prominent Unitarian singer/songwriter, as part of a promotion for the Unitarian musical he’s written (not making this up).
  • Home to change into dingier clothes then off to Wings, Suds & Spuds with Emily, Greg, and Jaos. Much was discussed and many wings were eaten.
  • Visited my parents. Performed requisite tech support (brought their computer up to Ubuntu 10.04 and fixed their printer) while watching most of the Indiana Jones movies on USA.
  • Remembered that one of the few things I miss about cable is turning the TV on to find a random awesome movie marathon. Also this is one of the reasons I got rid of cable. I get so much more done nowadays.
  • Returned home and putzed around on the computer. But at least the TV was off.

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