• Up rather early, but had to fetch the laundry I had forgotten to get from the dryer last night. Missed my usual bus.
  • Heat not working at the office. Not good when it’s 25°F outside.
  • Looking more and more like I’ll have to do some GPIO fiddling to get my driver issue settled. I was hoping to avoid it but such is life.
  • Home. Emily made a delicious meal of tilapia and snap peas for dinner. Helluva cook, she is.
  • Practiced the guitar for an hour or so. Using the steel-stringed, yet crappy guitar. Hopefully that will build up my calluses faster than the really nice nylon-stringed instrument. Still deciding if I want to continue to the next level of lessons.
  • Played some StarCraft II with Jaos and Jeremiah. I’m getting pretty rusty at that game, but I suppose if I’m out of practice at something I’m OK with that thing being a video game.

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