• Up on time. Off to work.
  • Continued wrestling with GPIO problem. Got it sorted, but there still seem to be some corner cases to deal with.
  • Greg stopped by on the way back from a customer visit and he, Andy, Justin, and I had lunch at Madonna’s. Tough to find a better burrito Downtown.
  • Picked up a growler of East End Drayman’s Heather Ale and a bottle of the beer they can’t call Eye Opener Coffee Porter after work.
  • Fake meat tacos for dinner. Delicious.
  • Still wrestling with the LMDE installer. Turns out the only flash drive I have that’s big enough to hold the installer has some bizarre partitioning scheme on it that chokes unetbootin. The DVD drive in my laptop is way too flaky to install from a disc so the great struggle continues.

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