• Up early; more leftover fruit salad for breakfast. Sadly that was the last of it.
  • Got some nice concrete tasks to perform at work. Performed them.
  • Made myself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, paired with some of my mother’s broccoli salad. The post-Memorial Day week is good for eating.
  • Emily made a fancy flatbread pizza with peaches and gorgonzola cheese for dinner. Yum.
  • We went for a bike ride after dinner. Nothing too epic, just down to Regent Square and back. Stopped at Tutti Frutti and tried to make use of Emily’s Groupon, but it turns out we don’t have a large enough appetite for frozen yogurt to make it worthwhile.
  • At home, relaxed with some more Mass Effect 2. I seem to be getting re-addicted to this game.

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