Nachos with pickled vegetables
Nachos with pickled vegetables

After a long hiatus I’m back on my Frankenlunch kick. Today I had to get rid of some pickled vegetables I’d made for some bánh mì sandwiches last week, so I decided to do the easiest possible thing and throw them on some nachos.
This one honestly turned out pretty weird. The cold, tangy veggies mixed with the warm, gooey and also tangy chips made for some texture profiles that were not altogether unpleasant, but certainly not something I’d serve to someone else.

This one is a bit of a changeup. I had originally planned to top my nachos with something boring like chicken fried rice, but alas I missed the boat on those particular leftovers. Instead I spotted some hard boiled eggs in the fridge, so I shelled and crumbled one of those bad boys onto my chips.

The flavor was about what I expected. The saltiness of the chips complimented the egg, while the tang of the salsa and Mexican cheese blend rounded things out pretty nicely.

Kimchi Nachos!

When I worked from home full time it was often my practice to open the fridge and assemble for lunch an unholy concoction of leftovers and carbs from whatever I found in there. In that grand tradition today I made nachos and topped them with some homemade kimchi lovingly fermented by my wife.

Despite the look she gave me when I showed her what I was doing it was pretty tasty. I’ll probably have it again tomorrow to finish off the kimchi.