• Up early; to the airport! Headed to San Luis Obispo, CA for Ted and Sara’s wedding.
  • Breakfast in TGI Friday’s. Pretty decent Western omelette.
  • Flight to Phoenix was uneventful. Read through about a quarter of A Clash of Kings.
  • Flight from Phoenix to San Luis Obispo was delayed about an hour. Probably because the air conditioning unit melted in the 110°F heat. They said they fixed it. They lied.
  • Arrived in beautiful San Luis Obispo. The weather was sunny but not too hot, and the airport was the cutest little thing I ever saw. They have a gate (there is a second one marked, but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere). They also have a cute little metal detector and a cute little rental car desk.
  • Acquired a car at the cute little rental car desk and drove into SLO. Stopped at Men’s Wearhouse to pick up my tux then drove an absurdly short distance to the hotel. We checked in and dropped off our bags, then met up with Greg at the free cocktail hour in the lobby. Tried a Firestone DBA, which I’d never heard of before. Pretty good and locally made!
  • Later in the evening Ted joined us and we went out to a nearby steak house (after Google Maps lied to us about the existence of a different restaurant). My sirloin was excellent and I thought I was starving but perhaps due to the time difference my stomach would not take more than half.
  • Back to the room for some much-needed sleep.
Never seen this one before. Very tasty.
Firestone DBA

  • Up a bit early. Fever mostly gone. Off to church to see Emily play with the Folk Orchestra. They kicked ass, as has been their habit of late. Emily is the best one in her row.
  • Home. Took a brief nap to recover from church then headed to the Waterfront. Got fitted for my third wedding tux in the space of a year (only one was my wedding), then bought shower gifts and some miscellaneous household items.
  • Home again. Emily and I took a long nap as she put a 90 minute string of cheesy movie trailers up on Netflix streaming.
  • Dinner was left-over birthday cake. Exactly what my worn out body needed.